"... yesterday, I had the opportunity of getting acquainted with ALERT® EDIS. I liked what I saw ..."

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Pedro Silva

Nurse, Director of Nursing Forum website

18 October 2007

"With ALERT® I am able to document information more quickly than before, on paper."

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Sandrina Carvalho

Nurse, Hospital Distrital Chaves

22 April 2007

"ALERT® is more than just a clinical information system. It is also a clinical decision support and management tool."

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António Marques, M.D.

Clinical Assistant Director for Emergency Department and Director of the Anesthesiology, Intensive Care, and Emergency Department

15 December 2006

"ALERT® EDIS facilitates access to the patient's past medical history. It's been truly a positive experience."

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Vera Lúcia, M.D.

Hospital Distrital Mirandela

8 December 2006

"ALERT® EDIS is very helpful. All paper records have been eliminated. It is being very well received by our team."

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Registered Nurse , Centro Hospitalar Alto Minho, Viana do Castelo

7 December 2006

"The quality of care and patients attitude improved. The encounter is now more personalized."

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João Calado Nunes, M.D.

Hospital Distrital Santarém

6 December 2006
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