"I have never seen any system like this before."

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Professor Jack Li

President of the Asia Pacific Association of Medical Informatics

28 April 2009

"[ALERT® allows for greater] department organization, (...) there is no time wasted. It is, in fact, an extraordinary solution."

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Raúl Chagas

Emergency Department Director Nossa Senhora da Conceição de Valongo Hospital

in RTP1 news report, January 13, 2009

13 January 2009

"ALERT® ERP has revolutionized workflows and processes (...), contributing towards an improved internal efficiency."

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João Carlos Oliveira, M.D.

Hospital General Manager and member of the Board of Directors of Amato Lusitano Hospital in Castelo Branco.

9 December 2008

"... we've been constantly going out looking at different products, different companies, and trying to fit in."

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Dato' Teddric Mohr

CEO of Penang Adventist Hospital, Malaysia

Interviewed by Dr Chow Yuen Ho, Managing Director of ALERT Asia

12 June 2008

"Hi Alan, I'm an independent consultant. I'm a nurse by background and have done EMR design and implementation for probably ten to fifteen years."

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Independent consultant

Interviewed by Alan Syvek, ALERT Inc. consultant

12 June 2008

"This is the first time I have seen this system but, definitely from what I can see, the interface, it's beyond anything I've ever seen on the market."

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Canadian physician

Interviewed by Jerry Colachino, Vice-President of Sales, ALERT Inc.

12 June 2008
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