"... yesterday, I had the opportunity of getting acquainted with ALERT® EDIS. I liked what I saw ..."

Pedro Silva

Nurse, Director of Nursing Forum website


18 October 2007

"... Yesterday, I had the opportunity to come into contact with ALERT® EDIS, and I liked what I saw. The software, which is dedicated to managing information in emergency departments, allows users to establish priorities based on the Manchester Triage System and sends out alert messages, thus enabling professionals to make a better use of time. It is very easy to use and very intuitive. When compared with SAPE , ALERT® appears technologically more advanced, judging at least from the user interface which is undoubtedly more user-friendly. Moreover… the fact that the software was designed bearing in mind touch screen technology is unquestionably a step forward in simplifying the way we interact with the system, whether this be in emergency departments or operating rooms.

ALERT Life Sciences Computing, S.A. is a Portuguese company that is growing in national and international markets thanks to the great success of their software products which aim to suppress paper from healthcare departments.

I recommend a visit to the company's website because the layout is very similar to the software itself. If you ever have to use this software you'll get a pretty good notion of how good the graphic interface is. Support and training (usually with on-site facilitators who assist professionals on the job and for long periods of time) is one of the strengths of the company's implementation strategy.

Ever since ALERT® adopted ICNP it has become an alternative to SAPE. My experience, as an ex-member of SAPE's customization team, is that this application is aware of the work done by nurses and the benefits that nursing interventions can bring to patient care. I hope the implementation of ALERT® in Inpatient departments can provide a boost to nursing interventions, namely nurse prescriptions, which, articulated with prescriptions from other professionals, benefit patients ..."