"... we've been constantly going out looking at different products, different companies, and trying to fit in."

Dato' Teddric Mohr

CEO of Penang Adventist Hospital, Malaysia

Interviewed by Dr Chow Yuen Ho, Managing Director of ALERT Asia


12 June 2008

"First of all, what was the main deciding factor...between ALERT® and other solutions that you have considered?

We've actually looked at a lot of solutions, we've been constantly going out looking at different products, different companies, and trying to fit in. We're technologically, I think, very advanced in a lot of ways. We wanted something that was going to be way ahead, and so we saw ALERT® as disruptive technology. There are some that have more breath or more depth, but they don't have, what we think, the stair-steps and the foundation built to move on into the future.

What are the advantages of ALERT® that you see...that you expect us to be able to bring to your hospital?

Well, the thing that we're looking at is, we think, the implementation, and our experiments with our staff have showed that, because, it's so much easier to use: the ability of the touch screen, the fact that the screens are very clean. And the part that impressed us, probably in that area, the most, was that it is heavily focused directly on the patient. It comes more from the view of the patient than the view of the professional.

And I understand that your staff are very happy to experience what ALERT® can bring for them.

Well, I guess the ultimate test was one of our, let us use the words "very senior doctor", who after looking at it said: I can do that, that looks good. And, so, that's a lot of what basically brought us around to the decision.

So, is there anything else that you've seen that is better than ALERT®?

No, I haven't. We've looked at a lot of stuff, but all of it is pretty consistent, in the fact that it's based on a consistent technology that focuses from the programming standpoint or from the standpoint of how we handle data, instead of looking at the patient and saying: "what do we need and what does the patient want", and you tend to look much more at "what does the patient want, what do we need", and so the screen is a lot cleaner and it moves a lot quicker.

Now, you're American but you are working in Malaysia now. Could I just ask...would you consider ALERT® if you were in America, or is it just a decision that's peculiar to Malaysia?

No, no, I would consider it very strongly if I was here. We refer to it constantly within our own group as disruptive technology. It's significantly, we think, much better, and a much more disruptive product in the fact that you literally, we think, are where things are going to go in the near future. We're going to move away from what we look at like super busy spreadsheets, with a hundred options you've got to figure out which one... it's much more focused on exactly what you need."