ALERT® EHR received Dossier Médical Personnel homologation, France

ALERT® EHR achieved its first DMP – Dossier Médical Personnel (Electronic Health Record) homologation.

The abovementioned software was validated after being successful in ASIP Santé's required tests, which is the entity in charge of homologations in the French Republic's Ministry of Health. These tests ensure that the functional and technical specifications for the clinical data sharing platform are observed.
ALERT® – DMP integration enables healthcare professionals to view the patients' clinical data that has been shared in other healthcare facilities in the Health Ministry's central system.
The documents shared in this central platform are therefore available within the ALERT® EHR software in the document archive area.
Access and data sharing security is assured with the CPS card (Carte de Professionnel de Santé), which allows professionals to access validation in regards to authentication and authorization.
In this manner, professionals have an integrated and homogenous access to documentation of the patient's Electronic Health Record within ALERT® EHR.
With this homologation ALERT® demonstrates, once again, its integration and interoperability capacity, through international standards that are adopted by the healthcare industry software, and accepted by the official regulating  authorities, in France in this case. Other identical initiatives took place in the USA, Mexico and Brazil, where ALERT® is already certified.
About DMP
DMP was established to make the sharing of information between healthcare professionals easier, to avoid redundant actions and to act on drug-drug interactions. This modern tool improves the coordination of care and provides reliable healthcare and pluridisciplinary practices.
Considering today's great challenges, such as population aging and the development of chronic diseases, DMP contributes to the improvement of coordination, and the quality and continuity of care provided to all those involved. This is only possible thanks to various factors: traceability of information, better communication between physician and patient and the exchange of information between healthcare professionals.
DMP includes relevant information on care provided to the patient and which is kept in the healthcare professionals' medical records and is an invaluable contribution for diagnosis and treatment decision making.
Click here to access the list of homologated decisions, which includes ALERT® software.