Success at Interoperability Showcase at HIMSS in the USA
01 March 2012
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ALERT successfully participated in the Interoperability Showcase at HIMSS – Healthcare Information Management Systems Society (see image gallery of ALERT at HIMSS), from February 21 - 24.


This was the 6th consecutive time that ALERT participated, and this year in all the demonstration scenarios: hospital (ALERT® PAPER FREE HOSPITAL), primary health and family care (ALERT® CARE), medical devices monitoring in the operating room (ALERT® PDMS – Patient Data Management System), electronic health record for the citizen (MyALERT®) and infrastructures (ALERT® HIE – Health Information Exchange).


Each scenario was composed of a vast group of international companies that demonstrated, to the visiting groups, how the different types of software integrate with, and work, in the real world.


These simulated contexts allowed to demonstrate interoperability capabilities by using international standards in the different software applications that generate and exchange information about procedures and clinical treatment.


In each use cases tour, ALERT® proved, in real time, that it could integrate or be integrated with other IT programs used in healthcare facilities and/or services.


John Donnelly, Senior Technical Project Manager of HIMSS12 Interoperability Showcase and CEO of JMS Healthcare Partners LLC, stated that HIMSS12 Interoperability Showcase reflected a continuous and ever growing presence of international companies that are concerned about guaranteeing the interoperability of their systems.


In relation to ALERT, John Donnelly said, "ALERT®, a company headquartered in Portugal, demonstrated its expanded support for Integrating the Healthcare Enterprise (IHE) authored profiles. It participated in clinical scenario roles as an interoperable EMR in an acute care/hospital setting and in an ambulatory practice care setting as well as demonstrating its product's capabilities to provide a patient medical record to be used by the patient himself.”


He further highlighted that “ALERT® was one of only a couple of EMR systems in the hospital setting that supported the up-and-coming requirement for medical device-to-EMR information exchange (uses the IHE standards from the Patient Care Device domain) and has a product providing community-wide IT services required in the Health Information Exchange (HIE) arena. It is evident that IHE standards-based interoperability is integral to this company's product strategy and its participation in the burgeoning EHR-based ecosystem for the healthcare industry.”


The Interoperability Showcase is the largest public demonstration open to companies that previously pass the intensive interoperability tests taken at technical events that are promoted by IHE – Connectathons. 


The IHE initiative is promoted by healthcare professionals and companies, which have the participation of leading information system companies with the aim of enhancing the way their systems share and integrate information between them. Promoting the coordination of rules, such as DICOM, LOINC and HL7, the systems that are developed in accordance with the IHE initiative communicate between themselves, are easier to implement and allow healthcare professionals to use information more efficiently.


ALERT is a member of IHE international and has published, to date, 26 Integration Statements.


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