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24 March 2011
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ALERT interviewed students from EMESCAM, which is the first faculty in Brazil to adopt ALERT® STUDENT. During the interview we asked about students' motivation to adopt this tool and about their first impressions when using it in their daily routine.


These are but some of the over 1 400 users of ALERT® STUDENT.


“It has made my research a lot easier. The available information complements what we learn and study in the classroom. I think information is very up-to-date as everyone keeps on posting new content, thus keeping us informed. Besides, using this tool became very important for my learning because whenever I do not have the time to read a book I read the texts posted there."

Nathália Cruz Barroso, 6th year medical student


"I use it long before my exams and many people in my class do the same because we believe that it is indeed a tool that helps with our learning."

Camila Kill da Silva, 6th year medical student


"It is good to make our questions known to all. The whole class interacts (whoever is interested) and posts texts or other information that will be useful at some point of our studies."

Lucas Perini Guerra, 6th year medical student


“A very good and very different tool! The teacher uses it a lot and we also use it to study for exams and assignments. The comments are a different and refreshing way to study. For example, I post photos of magnetic resonance imaging from my patients and my friends add X-ray photos."

Bernardo Muniz Frizzera Borges, 6th year medical student


"I found it interesting and very professional as it has encouraged us to study and has made it easier for us. During the exam period this tool provides us with a basis and helps us with photos, infographics, texts and various comments from our class colleagues and our surgery teacher.”

Murilo Gianordoli Soares, 6th year medical student


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