Primary Care Centers and Hospitals are now connected via ALERT® in real time. Both clinical and workflow data is being exchanged for treating patients.
04 May 2006
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One more page in the History of Medicine is being written. And ALERT® is at the center of it! 


Since April 21, Primary Care Centers in Europe are exchanging clinical data in real time with local hospitals, using ALERT® software products. 


Patients are attended to in Primary Care Centers with ALERT® and, when referred to local Emergency Rooms, data is being sent to the hospital, regarding patient transportation, clinical data and ongoing tasks, which can be continued at the hospital using ALERT® EDIS. 


Next week, the number of Primary Care Centers benefiting from this advancement will grow from 2 to 5. 


To the best of our knowledge, the capacity of transferring clinical and workflow information, in digital format, between multiple sites had never been recorded in Europe.

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