Medication workflow is now a reality at Rovisco Pais in Portugal
11 November 2010
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The interoperability between ALERT® INPATIENT and ALERT® ERP PSCM (Pharmacy and Supply Chain Management) for the purpose of computerizing clinical workflows, integrated with stock management, is now a reality at the Inpatient Department for past sufferers of Hansen's disease (leprosy in the Rovisco Pais Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation Center. 


This unique service in Portugal provides continuing care to the remaining Portuguese sufferers of Hansen's disease, making it an emblematic inpatient service at the facility.


With this pioneer project, the Inpatient Department's medication workflows are processed solely through ALERT®, eliminating all the paper orders that were formerly used by pharmacy service professionals.


The use of ALERT® for prescribing, preparing and dispensing medication at the Pharmacy has computerized the entire medication workflow in order to increase the productivity of professionals and reduce the risk of errors in the facility.

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