Italian hospital starts ALERT® OUTPATIENT training
02 September 2008
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The Ospedale Riabilitativo di Alta Specializzazione, in Motta di Livenza, Italy, started training ALERT® OUTPATIENT users on August 29. The training will run until September 20 and will involve around 200 users. The various training courses cover all user profiles (physician, nurse, registrar, radiology technician and physiotherapist), thus insuring that all members of staff will be able to use ALERT® OUTPATIENT once it goes live on September 29. 


This hospital is located in the Veneto region, in the north of Italy, and registers around 150,000 outpatient appointments per year. This facility also has three inpatient services which amount to a total number of 100 beds. 


Additionally, this project contemplates the implementation of ALERT® INPATIENT, which will make this facility the first paper-free hospital in Italy.

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