Hospital in Castelo Branco (Portugal) acquires Prescription, Pharmacy and Supply Chain Management Solution
20 December 2007
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Amato Lusitano Hospital, in Castelo Branco (Portugal), acquires myPartner Healthcare (ALERT Group company) Electronic Prescription tool and Pharmacy and Supply Chain Management solution. 




Amato Lusitano Hospital, in Castelo Branco, has signed a contract with myPartner Healthcare to implement ALERT® ERP and ALERT® PRESCRIPTION. These solutions are for effective hospital supply and medication management, insuring the coverage of all processes involved, from needs planning, purchase procedures, receiving, storage, and service distribution, to supplier documents verification, and administrative management. 


Electronic prescription, as well as medication and test management are also key components, including medication orders for the current episode, alerts for delayed medication, medication management with the unit dose system in the Hospital Pharmacy and all inpatient services. 


The new application will be used by physicians, nurses, managers, registrars, storeroom staff, pharmacists, and pharmacy technicians, who will receive proper training, to acquire the necessary skills to use the full potential of this new system. 


With this project, myPartner Healthcare strengthens its presence in the healthcare information technology market.

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