HIMSS AsiaPac 2008, Hong Kong, another success for ALERT
03 June 2008
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The HIMSS AsiaPac 2008 Conference held at the Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Center during May 20-23 was a grandiose success for ALERT. 


Fueled by the huge amount of interest generated at previous exhibitions held in Asia, this year ALERT was prepared with the largest booth at the exhibition, and came the crowds did. From the open to the close of the exhibition, the ALERT booth was consistently the busiest booth at the exhibition. Despite having a total of 11 demonstration stations and close to that number of large screen LCD monitors, it was not uncommon to see crowds gathered around the booth trying to catch a glimpse of ALERT's software demonstration. Sights such as 10 people gathered around a single demonstration station were common. 


One eminent visitor to the ALERT booth was Professor Jack Li, President of the Asia Pacific Association of Medical Informatics, a respected industry leader and clinician. He summed it up nicely: "I have never seen another system like this. The user interface is very friendly and intuitive but the beauty is not skin deep – I did not expect that the workflow and functionality would be so comprehensive. You guys have thought of everything!" 


The booth was very busy with visitors and delegates from all over Asia, including Hong Kong, Taiwan, Malaysia, China and other places. Australian representatives also visited the ALERT booth. 


If you missed ALERT in Hong Kong, do not worry. ALERT is looking forward to other successful exhibitions to be held later this year at the APHM conference in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia and at HIC in Australia. 

ALERT's Asian operations are supported from our office in Asian located in Singapore. 

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