ALERT customers adopt ALERT® PLANNING SYSTEM to plan their clinical activity
04 November 2014
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ALERT® PLANNING SYSTEM is a unique and differentiating system for healthcare activity planning.


From a strategic to an operational level, this product includes simulation (What If Analysis) and tactical planning to optimize the allocation of resources and the management of healthcare events (surgeries, appointments, exams, etc.), according to defined and/or contracted goals.


The adoption of ALERT® PLANNING SYSTEM  enables healthcare providers to have a system that fulfills the entire planning cycle (from strategic decisions to the daily management of schedules), thus maximizing the way in which resources (human, physical, material, etc.) are managed. This solution also allows for the easy assessment of the needs of corrective measures in any dimension of the healthcare activity, both from a clinical and a business perspective, thus promoting an increase in the organization's efficiency and efficacy.


ALERT® PLANNING SYSTEM is a module that is integrated with ALERT®'s clinical and business solutions, such as ALERT® ADT, ALERT® PAPER FREE HOSPITAL, ALERT® CRM Services and ALERT® BUSINESS INTELLIGENCE, which are also available as mobile applications (iOS and Android) to be used by healthcare professionals.


This unique planning system integrates the ALERT® product suite and deserved the choice of various ALERT customers that already have this module implemented, such as La Tour Réseau de Soins in Switzerland, Clinique du Pré, in France, and Clínica Girassol in Angola. Other customers are currently under implementation (e.g. Red Salud UC in Chile), namely with the operational planning component ALERT® SCHEDULER, to then evolve into product adoption levels that will allow for tactical and strategic planning.  Other customers have already contracted ALERT® PLANNING SYSTEM, as they recognize the added value that their implementation means in the planning of their activity.


Success cases:


At La Tour Réseau de Soins hospital all Outpatient and Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation (PM&R) schedules are done through this ALERT® module, including the management of equipment for PM&R events and the mobile application, so that healthcare professionals can access details of their schedules.


Clinique du Pré, in France, is another customer that is already supporting its scheduling activity with the operational component of ALERT® PLANNING SYSTEM, which is integrated with ALERT® CRM Platform for the automatic notification of schedules and respective instructions to patients via e-mail and SMS.


In Angola, at Clínica Girassol, the scheduling of appointments is already fully working and is integrated with ALERT® CRM Services for the notification of patients, and with ALERT® BUSINESS INTELLIGENCE for the monitoring and control at an analytical level.

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