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24 November 2013
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The latest issue of ALERT NEWS is now available.

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ALERT is a software company entirely dedicated to healthcare that created a suite of products which span from point of care in hospitals, primary care centers and private practices to the patient’s home, and everything needed to establish their interconnection, in addition to healthcare planning, business intelligence, areas of administrative and management software, and the creation of personal knowledge bases in Life Sciences.


The solutions that we bring to the 13 countries we are currently operating in are all configuration variants of a single product, with a single code development line, which is characterized by its capacity to be configured differently in different markets.


This allows us to keep our focus on developing an ever changing universal product that is enriched by contributions from around the world.


We are very proud of the recent ALERT® v2.6.3. release, which, among other features, is a fully certified EHR according to the Meaningful Use initiative.


We encourage our local partners to implement the ALERT® product in the different markets where we operate, while we focus on product development.


Importantly, we recently signed a distribution agreement in the U.S.A. and entered into Kuwait and Angola. We now look forward to adding more markets to the list of countries that adopted ALERT®.


Please read the Company and Product Strategy section on page 8 for more information.


Thank you all for your consideration and for choosing ALERT®.











M. Jorge Guimarães


November 12, 2013


Click here to read ALERT NEWS #11.

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