Another ALERT® INPATIENT Go Live at INCA's Cancer Hospital I in Brazil
25 July 2014
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ALERT® INPATIENT went live on July 22, 2014, at the inpatient services of the Neurosurgery and Thorax Ward at the Cancer Hospital I (Hospital do Câncer I - HC I), which integrates the National Cancer Institute (Instituto Nacional do Câncer - INCA) in Brazil.
The Neurosurgery and Thorax Ward has 24 available beds and processes around 20 inpatient episodes per month. The unit performs a weekly average of four neurosurgeries and five thoracic surgeries. ALERT® INPATIENT will provide support to 18 physicians and 36 nurses.
With this Go Live, the unit's whole sixth floor is now implemented with ALERT's solution for inpatient services.
HC I is INCA's largest healthcare facility and one of the most well equipped hospitals of the Brazilian Ministry of Health. This 244-bed hospital provides diagnosis confirmation, assessment, treatment and rehabilitation services to cancer patients.
In addition to being the head office of INCA's Board of Directors and the Bone Marrow Transplant Center, HC I also plays an important role in cancer research, as well as in organizing medical and nursing residency programs and specialization courses.
ALERT® INPATIENT is already implemented at the Abdomen Clinic, the Intensive Care Unit, the Post-operative Unit, and the Urology, Oncology and Plastic Surgery Clinics of that hospital.
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