Another ALERT® Go Live at the Sabah Al-Ahmad Urology Centre in Kuwait
16 July 2014
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On May 26 and June 12, 2014, respectively, the laboratory and radiology interfaces of ALERT® OUTPATIENT, version went live at the Sabah Al-Ahmad Urology Centre, in Kuwait.


The Go Live of these interfaces is another step in ALERT®'s implementation as a solution that is fully integrated with the main support systems at the Sabah Al-Ahmad Urology Centre. ALERT® is now also integrated with the CAREWORKS lab system from Softscript and with the CENTRICITY radiology system from GE Healthcare at that healthcare facility. Moreover, the application was already integrated with SAPPHIRE, the hospital's ADT and scheduling system.


With this Go Live, another phase is completed in the computerization of the Sabah Al-Ahmad Urology Centre's clinical services. These interfaces contribute towards the optimization of processes in the hospital's outpatient department, as they ensure quick access to imaging exams and lab test results to end users. Additionally, those interfaces provide a better interaction between outpatient physicians and radiology and laboratory services, considering that orders are directly integrated in the support systems in a fast and simplified manner.


Established on February 4, 2013, the Sabah Al-Ahmad Urology Centre is a urology specialized hospital. The hospital, which is shaped like a kidney, has nine floors, which are distributed by ambulatory services, specialized clinics, operating room, intensive care and recovery units. According to the health minister, Dr. Mohammad Al-Haifi, this healthcare facility is fully equipped with the latest medical technologies to provide the best medical services to its patients.


With around 15 physicians and 15 nurses using ALERT® on a daily basis, the Sabah Al-Ahmad Urology Centre's outpatient services registered over 400 imaging exams and nearly 1 300 lab tests in approximately 900 episodes in ALERT® since the application went live.

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