ALERT®'s innovation and interoperability on stage at Porto Polytechnic
19 March 2015
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Following an invitation by the Institute of Industrial Studies and Management of Porto Polytechnic Institute, Portugal, ALERT recently presented the most current version of its clinical solution.

The audience at the presentation included students attending the postgraduate course on Management of Health Units. The students who attended are mainly healthcare professionals who work in hospitals and other health-related entities in the Northern region of Portugal.


Entitled INTERORABILITY AND TECHNOLOGICAL INNOVATION – Towards a Global Information System in Healthcare, the presentation was hosted by Guilherme Silva (Sales Manager), Margarida Pinho (Demonstration Specialist) and Susana Rodrigues (Registered Nurse).


At the end of the presentation the speakers were congratulated on the product's evolution and its global presence, which makes the Portuguese in general, and the healthcare professionals who work with ALERT® on a daily basis in particular, very proud. On this note, Guilherme Silva highlighted the innovative products that ALERT has provided for the Portuguese Healthcare Service, thus contributing towards their evolution and innovation, which started back in 2003 with a paper-free solution for Emergency Departments.

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