ALERT® went live at Clínica Girassol in Luanda, Angola
15 July 2014
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On May 2, 2014, ALERT® went live at Clínica Girassol in Luanda, Angola.


In the scope of the implementation of the ALERT® PAPER FREE HOSPITAL solution, which is being carried out at Clínica Girassol by B2B Services and ALERT, this operation represents the first ALERT® implementation in the African continent.


With this Go Live, the first phase of the project's implementation is now concluded, and the triage processes' complete computerization of Clínica Girassol's Emergency Department has been achieved.


Phase II of the project will be carried out in July. This phase will contemplate the computerization of Clínica Girassol's new administrative, clinical and financial processes, which will enable all the Emergency Department professionals to use the application.
To date, the ALERT/B2B team of trainers has trained 320 Clínica Girassol professionals in ALERT® products, including the physician, nurse, healthcare technician and registrar profiles.


B2B Services and ALERT have allocated a multidisciplinary and specialized team to this project. The team resides in Angola and is responsible for the project's planning and execution, and is also properly integrated with Clínica Girassol's team of (clinical and technical) professionals.


Established in September 2008, Clínica Girassol is part of the Sonangol Group. With a total capacity of 229 beds, this facility is dedicated to providing a service of excellence with international quality standards. The facility endeavors to be a training center that disseminates knowledge, which will provide the country with a physical and technological infrastructure with highly qualified professionals.


In 2013, this facility received 183 782 patients, processed 61 907 emergency episodes, 80 871 outpatient appointments, 57 560 imaging exams, 671 447 lab tests, 60 938 physiotherapy sessions and 6 059 dialysis sessions.


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