ALERT® STUDENT at XVI International Meeting of Catholic Medical Schools in Cancun
18 May 2011
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On May 6, 2011, Francisco Fernandez, Managing Director for Spanish Speaking Countries, gave a presentation on ALERT® STUDENT, which is an educational tool that supports teaching, learning and research in the area of health science. The event, organized by Anáhuac University, took place at the Moon Palace Resort, which was the venue for the XVI International Meeting of Catholic Medical Schools in Cancun.


A demonstration was given as part of the presentation, and this raised interest from many Spanish Speaking Catholic Universities in Mexico, Chile and Spain, and from other attending schools from the USA and Belgium.


After the presentation questions were asked about using ALERT® STUDENT not only as a tool for students, but also as a tool for Medicine Schools for the purpose of evaluating students (exposure & experience).


Given the positive appraisal of all attendants, signing in to ALERT® STUDENT and exploring its capabilities and potential was highlighted as something they will be doing.


The International Federation of Catholic Universities and the International Association of Catholic Medical Schools co-organize the event once a year and always in a different location. Subjects like Medicine Teaching, Medicine Simulation, Bioethics and Technological Advances are discussed in these forums under a Catholic perspective.

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