ALERT releases innovating web-based software for private practices and hospitals
05 October 2008
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ALERT Life Sciences Computing, S.A., a Portuguese company that is present in thirty-eight countries, winner of the 2007 COTEC Prize and nominated for the 2006 IST European Commission Prize, has increased its product suite by installing, for the first time in Portugal, ALERT® PRIVATE PRACTICE (the ALERT® product for private practices and small private hospitals) in CETRUC, a prestigious private hospital for the treatment of urologic conditions, in Coimbra, Portugal. 


ALERT estimates that 500 private practices and private hospitals will be using this innovating software by the end of 2009. 


ALERT® PRIVATE PRACTICE, which has been tested in the USA in a private hospital in Miami, was designed to computerize private practices and private hospitals. The online version of this software will be used in CETRUC, which means that the documentation, analysis and viewing of data will be done through the web and the information will be stored in ALERT's datacenter. 


This software enables the user to document and view each patient's personal record, including the information that was recorded in other facilities. The information is documented in real time and is organized according to each individual or family. Moreover, and similarly to other products of the ALERT® suite, this software allows for the efficient management of all available resources and it is a tool with a significant impact on service management and documentation. 


ALERT® software is developed by a multidisciplinary team which includes physicians, hospital managers, service directors, nurses, ancillaries, registrars, besides IT engineers and communication designers. 



ALERT Life Sciences Computing S.A. 


The ALERT Group is established in seven countries. Besides ALERT Life Sciences Computing S.A, the Group's parent company, based in Porto (Portugal), the ALERT Group of Companies also has subsidiary companies in Spain, the United Kingdom, the Netherlands, the USA, Brazil, and Singapore, and a network of licensed distributors in 32 countries. 


With over 600 employees worldwide, the ALERT Group of Companies has had a steady and sustained growth not only in terms of product implementation but also in terms of revenues. ALERT Life Sciences Computing S.A, the Group's Portuguese parent company, is part of COTEC's Network of Innovative SMEs, and its training methodology has been selected to be part of two publications that illustrate successful cases. 


ALERT is a Platinum Corporate Member of HIMSS (Healthcare Information and Management Systems Society) and has been an active participant in IHE (Integrating the Healthcare Enterprise) initiatives, where ALERT® has achieved three integration statements. 


The ALERT Group of Companies is entirely dedicated to the development of the ALERT® suite of products that aims to remove paper from hospitals, primary care centers and private practices. ALERT® products have been adopted by more than 37,000 healthcare professionals. ALERT® is available in more than 50% of Portugal's Emergency Departments and ALERT® REFERRAL (P1) has been adopted nationwide by the Ministry of Health.

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