ALERT® PRIVATE PRACTICE went live at Dr Carlos Rodrigues private practice
04 May 2009
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ALERT® PRIVATE PRACTICE went live in April 2009 at Dr Carlos Rodrigues' private practice, which is located in Baixa-da-Banheira, Setúbal borough, Portugal. 


ALERT® PRIVATE PRACTICE is a software for the computerization of private practices, allowing for the documentation and visualization of the patients' clinical records, including information that has been documented in other facilities. The information is documented in real time and is organized by patient or family unit. Besides, similar to the other ALERT® suite products, this software enables the efficient management of available resources. This tool has a significant impact on the management and documentation of services. 


Dr Carlos Rodrigues' private practice deals with Family and General Practice appointments, and sees to an average of 30 patients per day. This private practice now has a powerful tool for the creation of complete and integrated clinical records, which allows for the set up and management of 3 000 electronic health records.

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