ALERT® OUTPATIENT Go Live at Dr. Gama Pinto Eye Center in Lisbon, Portugal
28 March 2010
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Dr. Gama Pinto Eye Center is a state owned healthcare facility, which was established in 1891. Dedicated to ophthalmology since its very beginning, it was the first school offering this specialty in Portugal. It is also the oldest ophthalmology school in Western Europe.

ALERT® OUTPATIENT successfully went live at Dr. Gama Pinto Eye Center in March 19, 2010, at around 08.30h. This solution allows patients with ophthalmology problems to attend outpatient appointments and to receive care from physicians, nurses and orthoptists (besides registrar and ancillary support).

ALERT® OUTPATIENT has added new functionalities regarding lens prescription and templates with bilateralism, which allow entering different records for the left and right eye.

The Medical Retina, Retina Surgery and Nursing appointments will be part of the first stage of the Go Live. Soon, the solution will also be used by the remaining 28 types of available appointments.

The future will involve the computerization of all the Eye Center’s departments with the implementation of ALERT® INPATIENT and ALERT® ORIS for Inpatient and the Operating Room, respectively.

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