ALERT® ORIS went live at Hospital do Câncer I in Brazil
29 May 2013
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On May 27, 2013, ALERT® ORIS went live in the Surgery Center at the Clínica do Abdomén of the Hospital do Câncer I (HC I) in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.


HC I is the National Cancer Institute's (INCA) largest healthcare facility and one of the most well equipped hospitals of the Brazilian Ministry of Health. This 188-bed hospital provides diagnosis confirmation, assessment, treatment and rehabilitation services to cancer patients. In addition to being the head office of INCA's Board of Directors and the Bone Marrow Transplant Center, HC I also plays an important role in cancer research, as well as in organizing medical and nursing residency programs and specialization courses.


HC I's Surgery Center has 10 operating rooms where an average of 30 surgeries are performed every day, including robotic surgery. The center employs 200 professionals, among nurses and physicians.


This is INCA's second unit where ALERT®'s module for the operating room has been implemented and the professionals’ reaction has so far been very positive. The Hospital do Câncer II already benefits from ALERT® ORIS since January 2013.


With the acquisition of the Da Vinci robot, in March 2012, INCA started performing robotic surgical procedures and became the first hospital of the Brazilian National Health Service to use this technology. Besides this pioneer procedure, INCA became Brazil's first facility to use this equipment in head and neck surgeries, which brings great benefits to patients, as the whole intervention can be performed without a single external cut. This surgery is currently already used in Urology, Abdominal and Gynecology surgeries.

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