ALERT launched new version of ALERT® HEALTH NEWS for Android
17 December 2013
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On December 16, 2013, ALERT launched a new version of ALERT® HEALTH NEWS for Android.


ALERT® HEALTH NEWS is a free application that works as an extension of ALERT's Health Portal, a Portuguese health portal, with up-to-date national and international clinical news, a medical guide, forums, health information and more (portal-dev.mni.local/pt/health-portal).


Available only in Portuguese, this application enables users to be informed of the most important health news and the most recent research in Medicine, to get information on advice and alerts issued by INFARMED (the Portuguese regulating authority for medicine and health products), to search content according to title, content, health area or date/time intervals. ALERT® PORTAL NEWS also enables users to share all available content with friends and family via email or the social networks.


The new ALERT® HEALTH NEWS' functionalities include: Holo theme, specific layouts for mobile phones and tablets, new navigation and performance improvements, all in a fully redesigned application.


Click here to download the latest version of ALERT® HEALTH NEWS.


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