ALERT® INPATIENT went live at La Tour Réseau de Soins, Switzerland
03 October 2014
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On September 23, 2014, ALERT® INPATIENT went live at La Tour Réseau de Soins SA Hospital in Switzerland.

The ALERT® solution for inpatient services will benefit the Internal Medicine units of this prestigious private hospital, which includes a team of physicians, nurses, ancillary staff, dietitians, physiotherapists and registrars. With these new users the hospital now has a total amount of 200 professionals using ALERT®.


The professionals at La Tour Réseau de Soins Hospital have been very enthusiastic towards ALERT®, "Following the emergency and outpatient departments, we implemented ALERT® in two of our inpatient units. The taking of responsibility over new patients at the units was done in ALERT® (...) We would like to thank all the teams that worked with ALERT's teams in situ to make this Go Live possible and for providing support to users during this important change", said Isabelle Salihu, Project Manager at this healthcare facility.


"In actual fact, the expectation is to simplify the nurses' job, to reduce writing and to optimize time spent with patients, which will lead to gains in terms of time due to the electronic health process. (...) Excellent, excellent, we are happy!", commented Isabelle Faramaz, Head Nurse of the Internal Medicine, Oncological and Surgical Unit.


Marie-Laure Rivière, who is responsible for La Tour's application support team, also added that, "the clinical teams are satisfied and happy with the process".


La Tour Réseau de Soins SA integrates three facilities: La Tour Hospital, Carouge Clinic and Meyrin Medical Center. ALERT® EDIS, ALERT® SCHEDULER and ALERT® SCHEDULER Mobile are already working at the most important private hospital in Geneva.

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