ALERT in the top 21 companies for the 21st century
14 June 2007
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Expresso, the most prestigious Portuguese weekly newspaper, included ALERT Life Sciences Computing, S.A. in the list of 21 Portuguese companies for the 21st century. The initiative aims to disclose "the best of what is done in Portugal". 


According to Expresso's journalists, ALERT is an example of success and innovation. Portugal "has top companies, capable of rivaling and surpassing any other company in the world. Companies that are capable of being competitive due to their innovative and managing skills." 


The 21 companies for the 21st century come from very different sectors and are managed by very distinct personalities. What unites them is the fact that they are all at the top of the Portuguese companies with greatest potential. 


In the next 21 weeks, the newspaper will follow the work of these companies and show why these projects deserve to be highlighted and to have people's attention in Portugal and around the world. 


The selection process was initiated by journalists who set up a list of nominees. Subsequently, the list was tested in the market to guarantee the best choices. 


The ability to innovate, presence in international markets, and quality and skills of their staff were criteria considered for selection of the 21 companies for the 21st century. 


After winning the COTEC Innovative SME Award last May - an award handed by Cavaco Silva, President of the Republic of Portugal -, ALERT proceeds its national and international acclamation efforts.

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