ALERT highlighted in Brazilian reference website ComputerWorld
10 February 2012
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ALERT was highlighted in ComputerWorld, a leading IT and Communications website in Brazil.


The news item underlines the "mix of medicine and technology in the company's strategy, which has been the main differentiating factor. Hence, ALERT® solutions feature much more than modern tools, such as touchscreens and business intelligence models. They provide specific fields for daily physician and paramedic tasks which facilitate data entry and, consequently, improve technological acceptance.


Jorge Guimarães, Founder and President of ALERT, explained that "Technology should be easy to use. That is why we created icons that easily identify actions and provide for a friendly user interface as well as touchscreens which do not require the use of a mouse."


In the course of the article, ComputerWorld interviews José Maria Dias, Chairman of the Board of Directors of Médio Ave Hospital Complex – a facility which adopted ALERT® in 2009.


In his statement to the website, the physician highlighted the importance of ALERT® solutions being designed with the input of healthcare professionals, which guarantees that their design is aligned with the real needs of healthcare facilities.

"Having all the information in a centralized patient record has eliminated the unnecessary repetition of exams, and has thus significantly reduced facility costs. We need to look after the health of our patients and of our facility," the Chairman explained.


The item also mentions the investment that the company has made in bringing together IT and clinical professionals, as is the case of Tiago Taveira Gomes, currently in the final year of his medicine degree at the University of Porto and member of the ALERT® STUDENT project. "This is a free access and free use portal for medicine students who wish to improve their study and exchange information on several topics of their degree. He says that "its main purpose is to help manage study as a whole".


"More than five thousand universities from around the world are associated to this project. The University of Porto in Portugal, and the Medicine School of Santa Casa da Misericórdia in Vitoria, Brazil, use this tool freely," reported Taveira Gomes.


Another core component of the ALERT® solution is the Network Operations Center (NOC), which was created to remotely monitor customers' system performance. "This is extremely important because most facilities do not have IT that runs 24 hours a day. In this way, we can help them in case of any technological emergency. Most of our actions at the NOC are preventive rather than reactive. We are also able to monitor local network performance of healthcare facilities. And this makes our customers very comfortable," explained Jorge Guimarães.


According to Jorge Guimarães, ALERT® underwent three phases: first, documenting clinical data, then, integrating information and documents and, finally, the inclusion of mobile applications such as smartphones and tablets. "Updating is the strategy. We will continue to create different solutions," he informed.


ALERT® has already been implemented in around 60 reference healthcare facilities in Brazil, such as the National Cancer Institute (Instituto Nacional do Câncer), the Oswaldo Cruz Foundation (Fio Cruz) in Rio de Janeiro, and in the Minas Gerais Secretary of State for Health.

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