ALERT employees solidary in donation campaign
18 February 2014
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During the Christmas season of 2013, ALERT organized a goods collection campaign to help private charities that provide support to children, teenagers and elderly people in need and/or children with cancer.


The donations included toiletries, toys, educational supplies, food and child and teenage clothing. On the day of the company's Christmas party, donation boxes were made available for whoever wished to make cash contribution.


"We are very proud and grateful for your altruistic gesture towards Acreditar by carrying out your milk and diaper gathering campaign. Your donation will make all the difference in supporting our families", read the thank you letter from Acreditar, a charity that helps families with children who have cancer.


Casa do Caminho, another private charity that has completed 25 years and provides shelter to children who are in danger (victims of abuse or neglect) was thankful for ALERT employees' act of generosity and highlighted that this represented "a hand that, even at a distance, provides love, support and comfort to the little ones".


"Thank you (...) Gestures such as these, both on a personal and corporate level, give us hope for a better future!", are some of the words of gratitude expressed in a letter addressed by Obra ABC, a charity established in 1963 that provides shelter and education to underage children who do not have a proper and healthy family environment to allow them to fully develop their potential.


Finally, Mundos de Vida, an organization that supports the needs of children, elderly and their families, expressed their gratitude via their Chairman who came to ALERT in person. This organization is launching the "Procuram-se Abraços" (Hugs Needed) campaign, which aims at finding foster families for the 8 500 or so institutionalized children in Portugal.


Other charities have benefited, in previous years, from the support and solidarity of ALERT and its employees.


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