ALERT® EDIS went live at La Tour Réseau de Soins SA in Switzerland
29 March 2012
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On March 27, ALERT® EDIS went live at La Tour Réseau de Soins SA in Switzerland, the first Go Live in this country.


La Tour Réseau de Soins SA is the most important private hospital in Geneva and integrates three facilities: La Tour Hospital, Carouge Clinic and Meyrin Medical Center. The specialties provided include Cardiology, Cardiovascular Surgery, Orthopedics and Sports Medicine as well as General Surgery and Oncology. The hospital has a Maternity that processes over 600 births per year and a Pediatrics Service to cater for younger patients. This facility also offers Emergency Services and an Intensive Care Unit. One of best equipped private hospitals in Switzerland, La Tour Hospital employs over 850 members of staff and offers a wide range of treatments.


This installation integrates different information systems, including Laboratory (LIS), Radiology (RIS), Administrative (ADT) and an LPAD system for patient authentication.


With this installation, ALERT® is now live in five European countries: Portugal, Spain, the United Kingdom, Italy and Switzerland. Additionally, ALERT® is also implemented in Malaysia, the US, Mexico and Chile.


Among ALERT's main customers are the Ministry of Health of Portugal, the Minas Gerais Secretary of State for Health - SESMG, Unimed BH, Santa Casa de Misericórdia BH, Beneficiência Portuguesa Hospital, Santa Helena Medical Organization, Santa Casa da Misericórdia Science University of Vitória - EMESCAM,  National Cancer Institute - INCA,  Foundation for Scientific and Technological Development on Health - FIOTEC (Brazil), Blackpool, Fylde and Wyre Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust (United Kingdom), Servicio de Salud Metropolitano Norte (Chile); San José Tecnológico de Monterrey Hospital (Mexico); Tuba City Regional Health Care Corporation (USA); Servicio de Salud de la Comunidad de Galicia e Servicio de Salud de la Comunidad de Madrid (Spain).


ALERT® solutions are aimed at healthcare professionals in hospitals, primary care centers and private practices, at sharing clinical information according to privacy rules among healthcare facilities and between these and patients, and at allowing citizens to take part in managing and creating their own health information. Furthermore, ALERT® is entirely based on international standard nomenclatures, such as SNOMED CT, LOINC, ICNP, HL-7, IHE and CDA, among other, and has obtained several certifications.


ALERT®'s wide scope has made it the choice of many hospitals, primary care facilities and public entities, such as the Ministry of Health of Portugal or the Blackpool, Fylde and Wyre Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust in the United Kingdom as well as of prestigious private hospitals, such as the American Hospital of Paris.

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