ALERT® customers received Hospital of the Future in Public Services prizes
08 July 2010
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The Regional Health Administation of the Algarve (RHA Algarve) and the Espírito Santo Hospital in Évora (ESHE), Portugal, achieved second and third places in the e-Health category of the Hospital of the Future in Public Services Award.  

RHA Algarve was awarded second place with a project entitled “Electronic Health Register Interoperability between ARS Algarve Facilities”. The solution enables different and geographically scattered healthcare facilities (hospitals, primary care centers, private practices, etc.) to access patients' clinical documents.  

ESHE achieved third place with the "Impact of information systems in efficiency and results" project. ESHE adopted ALERT® PAPER FREE HOSPITAL (PFH) for its emergency, outpatient, inpatient and operating room services. This solution enables the electronic recording of the patient's clinical information in real time, thus eliminating paper usage and making the communication between the various professionals that take part in patient care easier. The non clinical ALERT® solutions for financial management and assets were also implemented. The differentiating element in this project is ALERT's business intelligence system – ALERT® DATA WAREHOUSE – that enables users to obtain real time information that supports decision making in clinical and human resources management.  


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