ALERT Benner partnership to create the largest offer in IT systems for the healthcare sector in Brazil goes into operation
07 November 2013
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Following the announcement of a commercial partnership between ALERT Life Sciences Computing and Benner Systems in 2012,the two companies are now taking their vision into operation.


The two companies endeavored to jointly offer a comprehensive technological platform for public and private hospitals that encompasses an electronic health record as well as clinical, administrative and financial management tools.


Benner Systems is a company of the Globalweb Data Services Corp Group which specializes in healthcare management systems, and ALERT is one of the main multinational companies in the healthcare industry, present in 13 countries and strongly implemented in the Brazilian market.


The goal is to provide products within a business model that suits public and private hospitals from all ranges by offering access to what is best in innovative technologies.


The ALERT Benner partnership was born with a complete portfolio of integrated hospital solutions. These solutions combine the strength of ALERT® products - EHR and clinical management - with the power of Benner’s hospital, administrative and financial management products. Hence, ALERT Benner will offer the most advanced clinical product combined with the most powerful hospital administrative and operational system for the Brazilian market.


Benner and ALERT’s professionals are already working together in product and services integration, as well as developing marketing and commercial strategies.


This partnership is based on the following:  
• Highly specialized, comprehensive and well established product through a single supplier: the ALERT-Benner product is web-based, with touchscreen interface, relational database and can operate in a local data center or in a cloud environment;
• Viable business models: solutions are also available in a Software as a Service (SaaS) model, in alternative to the conventional licensing model;
• Service integration to benefit both the patient and the providers: the main objective is to provide a major leap in healthcare service quality and in back office process management without significant investment in infrastructure and specialized teams.


ALERT and Benner are committed to developing their products and joining efforts in their respective software factories, improving their capacity to offer a powerful and constantly evolving solution. 


New features will endow hospitals with the high functional power of mobile solutions by taking information and services to healthcare professionals on mobile devices, such as smartphones and tablets.

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