ALERT at HIMSS09 Interoperability Showcase, Chicago
30 April 2009
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ALERT® participated, with another 70 systems from other companies, in the interoperability demonstration organized by the IHE which took place during the HIMSS09 exhibition in Chicago, USA, on April 5-8, 2009. 


During this demonstration, participants had the opportunity to be guided through various clinical scenarios which enabled to demonstrate how the systems from different companies access, through interoperability standards, a patient's Electronic Health Record (EHR) and update it appropriately. 


It became clear that the IHE's interoperability profiles enable the integrated management of each patient's electronic health record, even between different facilities that are geographically dispersed, and between different healthcare scopes (Home PHR; Physician's Office; EDIS; Laboratory; etc.). 


This was the biggest ever interoperability demonstration, as the number of companies wanting to take part in this event is progressively growing. This event also has the participation of institutions that carry out EHR implementation projects in the United States, and which use IHE's profiles, such as when setting up infrastructures for IHE clinical document exchange Healthcare Information Exchange (HIE). 


There was also a space dedicated to introducing the various institutions that are responsible for publishing the standards mentioned by the IHE. 


There were also demonstrations of interoperability cases according to Healthcare Information Technology Standards Panel (HITSP) specifications. ALERT® also implements HITSP interoperability specifications, presenting itself as a HITSP Implementer for the second consecutive year. 


Besides ALERT® demonstrations, ALERT also designated a team member to collaborate in the IHE event organization. 


ALERT®'s participation was the culmination of the project that started in the Connectathon (in February) in which ALERT® passed the tests that allowed its presence at this interoperability demonstration. The interoperability demonstration organized by the IHE was an opportunity to publicly state ALERT®'s capacities, making it clear that ALERT is among the companies that promote the use of standards and of advanced technology worldwide. The interoperability demonstration is HIMMS highest point, and it is the place where visitors go to be acquainted with the latest advances in IT Healthcare. 


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