ALERT® at Health Information Technologies (HIT) 2007, in Paris
29 May 2007
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ALERT®'s first participation at a French exhibition was a success. 


HIT Paris 2007 is the 1st French Congress on Health Information Technologies. The event gathered 3,000 visitors, 50 exhibitors, and 60 training sessions. 


ALERT®'s booth had 8 demo stations and a wall screen. An average of 20 demos was made per day. Many healthcare professionals visited ALERT®'s booth: hospital and private clinics representatives, physicians, managers, journalists, and healthcare association's representatives. ALERT® was also introduced to representatives from the Health and Industry Ministries, and to the ex-French Health Minister who is currently the President of the French Hospital Federation (FHF). 


ALERT® generated great interest and curiosity, and received a very good welcoming from the French healthcare professionals who were extremely impressed by ALERT®'s functionalities and original interface.

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