"MNI is the Apple of clinical software"

Removing paper from the medical care process is the company's priority. Investment in 2006 will be in the expansion in international markets.

27 July 2010
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ALERT® system is the main product of MNI - Médicos Na Internet, Saúde na Internet, S.A., a company dedicated to the production of clinical software. Jorge Guimarães, chairman of MNI, rates it as the "Apple" of Health and claims that the ALERT® system, which is already implemented in 26 Portuguese hospitals and 12 primary care centers, is one of the best worldwide.

Removing paper from the medical care process is one of the company's main goals. MNI's chairman believes that the computerization of healthcare can only bring advantages. "ALERT® enables several people to be connected to the system, facilitating work organization". All data is recorded with maximum safety, and the system has already been "approved by the National Commission of Data Protection".

MNI's chairman declared that internationalization will be this year's major focus. The company will invest 10 million euros in 2006, and 1.5 million will be used for the company's expansion abroad. This year, MNI founded Alert Life Sciences Computing, Inc. in the USA, which is becoming the high point of the company's internationalization process. MNI has also a branch office in Madrid and "the expansion in the Spanish market is a priority", where 10 hospitals have already adopted the ALERT® system.

MNI - Médicos Na Internet, member of COTEC Portugal Network of Innovative SME, and currently employing 140 professionals, was established in 1999 by Jorge Guimarães, chairman and CEO of the company. Manuel Pinho, minister of Economy, declared MNI as "one of the heroes of the government's technological plan".

1 June 2006
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