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The company's main goal for 2006 is to expand the ALERT® solution in international markets, Diário Económico, February 23, 2006

27 July 2010
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Digitally record and share patient information and corresponding clinical episodes online to access data easily and quickly, is the major advantage of ALERT® solution. And this was the reason why the company Médicos Na Internet, Saúde na Internet, S.A. (MNI) was nominated for the IST 2006 European Prize. In fact, MNI was the only Portuguese company selected for this year's edition.

The IST Prize recognizes quality in companies at a European level, facilitating access to new markets and partnerships, increasing companies' credibility and visibility, and improving their business perspectives.

Paulo César Guimarães, member of the Board of Directors of MNI, claims that "it is always very good when independent organizations recognize the importance of our work. This prize, apart from the recognition it brings, is very important, because the company's main goal for 2006 is to expand our product in the international market."

With a share capital of 618,000 euros - two thirds of which are owned by the founding physician, Manuel Jorge Guimaraes, and a third by Fogeca, holding of the Salvador Caetano Group -, MNI was established in 1999 and is a member of the COTEC Portugal Network of Innovative SME. Currently, the company has begun its internationalization process in Brazil, USA and Benelux.

Efficient hospital management
The main reason that led MNI to launch this solution was the awareness of the gap between the means available in terms of Information Technology and the reality of healthcare services, namely regarding documentation. Nevertheless, "it is important to highlight that this is not exclusive of Portugal. Abroad, also, paper and pen are still used in clinical environments."

Paulo César Guimarães declares, "Nowadays, the digitization of records is an unavoidable trend. This has the enormous advantage of allowing the possible to analyze, relate, assess and study clinical data".

The first products were developed by 15 people. Currently, there is a team of 120 people devoted to the development of ALERT® products. This team is composed of physicians, nurses and managers.

"Our investment amounts to over 10 million euros up until now. In the next three years, we expect to invest 30 million euros in the development of new clinical solutions", added the same director.

2000 marks the beginning of the development of the ALERT® solution, and May 2003 is the date of the first implementation of the product in Chaves District Hospital.

"ALERT® is a global solution for the computerization of clinical environments, making it possible to document, relate, reuse and analyze all the information related to patients and the operations of all healthcare professionals in real time"

Advantages of purchasing the ALERT® solution

-    It is a product with a proven track record in creating paper-free clinical environments.
-    Interconnects clinical information and centralizes the information on the patient.
-    Provides assistance in managing operations.
-    Cost control.
-    Optimizes the registration of potential prescriptions.
-    Reduces noise in hospitals.
-    Fingerprint user identification.
-    Different information access based on specific user responsibilities and profile.
-    Solves legibility problems.
-    Enables access to the patient's history.
-    Reduces the need to repeat tests and exams.

The ALERT® solution, made-up by a unique software and implementation method, creates paper-free clinical environments.

What are the costs of implementing ALERT®?
To implement an ALERT® solution it is vital to evaluate, not only the license cost, but also the required investment in terms of hardware, server, and electrical and IT system. Hence, the investment for the complete computerization of a department is a function of the number of workstations required, as well as the size of the department itself. César Guimarães explains, "It is important to say that in terms of return on investment, ALERT® is a tool with a very significant impact on the level of management and documentation of the department's operations."

Many Portuguese hospitals and primary care centers, such as Chaves District Hospital (Chaves), Santo Antonio General Hospital (Porto), Dr. Jose Maria Grande Hospital (Portalegre), Faro Distric Hospital (Faro), Beja, Serpa, Moura Primary Care Centers, and many others, have already adopted these solutions. In Spain, 10 hospitals have implemented this solution.

23 February 2006
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