Chaves Hospital will become paper-free

Vida Económica, March 31, 2006

27 July 2010
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Chaves District Hospital won the Public Service Award in innovation, thanks to its centralized information system: ALERT® PAPER FREE HOSPITAL. This clinical software solution, for complete hospital computerization, makes it possible to document, interconnect, re-use and analyze, in real time, all data relating to patients and hospital operations.

With this system, all clinical operations are digitally recorded, and paper used to document and share clinical information is removed. By the end of this year, Chaves Hospital will be ready to become the first paper-free hospital, given the fact that it chose to adopt a global solution.

Another interesting aspect is that it includes an alert system for unperformed tasks or events that require the intervention of a specific user. This situation allows for reduction in waiting times and increases vigilance over patients. In other words, all information is centralized on the patient. On the other hand, users access the system through biometric identification. ALERT® products have been installed or are being implemented in 25 hospitals and 12 primary care centers.

This software aims to simplify all processes, guaranteeing complete safety in terms of data bases and allowing constant patient tracking. The system is being rapidly implemented in several public and private healthcare facilities that wish to reduce waiting lists by increasing medical efficiency.

31 March 2006
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