Rotary of Viana do Castelo (Portugal) distinguished Jorge Guimarães
22 April 2010
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The International Rotary movement has dedicated the month of October to Professional Services. As such, every year all clubs distinguish a professional who has demonstrated an outstanding performance in his/her activity.

Fulfilling its October calendar plan and agenda of recognizing entities from the Professional Services, the Rotary Club of Viana do Castelo selected someone local who was born in Vila de Darque: Manuel Jorge Guimarães ¿ PhD in Medicine by Porto University and postdoctoral studies in Genetic Therapy from Stanford University, USA.

Despite his young age, Manuel Jorge Guimarães has a remarkable and enviable curriculum. He has published seven scientific books, has been accredited with various national and international awards and distinctions, and he is the founder and CEO of ALERT Life Sciences Computing. The ALERT company has its head office in Porto and creates highly sophisticated clinical software that is installed in various countries worldwide. ALERT employs over 800 employees who are, in general, highly qualified. Manuel Jorge Guimarães "made the people from Viana do Castelo very proud" and so the Viana do Castelo Rotary has distinguished him "for his outstanding scientific research career, which is completely dedicated to Medicine and mankind".

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