Expresso newspaper includes ALERT in the "country's future championship"

Article by Nicolau Santos, in Expresso newspaper, June 7, 2008

07 June 2008
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There is a championship we have to win which is more important than the one starting today in Austria and Switzerland. In order to be victorious we need modern, dynamic, innovating and global companies. We selected 24, excluding the banking sector, and many others could have been part of our choice. However, the selected ones are sure winners.

Is the developed country's economic growth model the same as the one of an emerging country? Not at all, explained António Borges during the 5th National Meeting for Innovation of COTEC (Business Association for Innovation). The latter involves a simple economic growth model, whereas with developed countries, the key for growth does not lie in investment in general, but in qualitative stepping stones, with improved technologies and increasingly innovating solutions.

Portugal experienced a typical emergent country growth between 1985 and 2002, but this development has been progressively slower since that period. According to Artur Santos Silva, COTEC's Chairman, it will not be possible to overcome this tendency unless our companies' procedures and products undergo a major technological step. Moreover, overcoming this tendency also implies that changes need to become rooted in our culture, must be integrated by our human resources and supported by an efficient and effective management system.

COTEC's activity plays a very important role in this context, as it consistently promotes innovation within small and medium companies. João Picoito led a remarkable pilot experiment involving 15 companies, where an innovation management system was applied, with a certification possibility and an internal scoring system. This experiment will now be extended to a further 650 companies. If the outcomes are positive, it will prove more productive, in terms of innovation, than any other campaign that has been developed to date. And, at the end of the day, we will be left with a much better country.

Article by Nicolau Santos, in Expresso newspaper, June 7, 2008

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